THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE - creation 2012

A musical cabaret for 3 actresses, dolls and objects 

By Yael Rasooly and Yaara Goldring - 1h - big stage

Representation in English, German, French and Hebrew


THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE is a performance that swings between the boundaries of musical cabaret and contemporary puppetry for adults.

A cabaret singer, haunted by her unspeakable memories, tells the story of three sisters. Forced to hide in a tiny cold room, waiting for their mother to return, the sisters do their best to preserve a shadow of the life they once knew. While reality is falling apart, their bodies come together with pieces of broken dolls, creating a fantastic and absurd world.

In this original and creative play, humor and tragedy are woven together, forming an overwhelming theatrical experience.





21-22 mai : Lisboa (Portugal)
Festival A Tarumba
31 mai :  Brno (Czech Republik)

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Written and Directed by : Yael Rasooly and Yaara Goldring


Co- creators : Edna Blilious and Rinat Sterenber


Performed by : Edna Blilious/Maya Kindler, Rinat Sterenberg/ Michal Vaknin/Gilli Ben Aim and Yael Rasooly


Stage and Costume design: Maureen Freedman


Puppet design : Maayan Resnick


Assistant puppet and object maker : Noa Abend


Composer and Lyricist: Nadav Wiesel


Sound Design: Binya Reches


Lighting Design: Asi Gottesman


Assistant Director: Michal Vaknin


Artistic advisor: Yael Inbar


The Performance premiered at the ‘ Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater’ in September 2010, where it received the Award for best Stage, Costume, puppet, object and lighting Design.


A Production by Hazira Performance Art Arena / Jérusalem 


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